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05:45 AM Oct 30

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B4FA Week in Review – 28 October 2014

In global bioscience news, Indian plant breeder Sanjaya Rajaram has won the World Food Prize in honour of his contribution to protecting global food supply, in particular breeding hundreds of varieties of nutritious and climate-adapted wheat. B4FA Fellow Charles Benoni Okine also submits a piece on the subject. Other articles of particular interest this week include a new online …

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Image: "Children walk through a field" by Arne Hoel/World Bank, used under a Creative Commons 2.0 license.

B4FA Week in Review – 21 October 2014

In world news this week, European Parliament is considering overturning a ban on the cultivation of GM crops. Depending which way the debate goes, writes Mark Lynas in the UK Guardian, this may herald the end of crop biotech in Europe. We’ve also included a fascinating profile on BB Singh, …

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