@B4FA: Indian government is still "flip-flopping" on GM trials http://t.co/3Re7FpqR7x

03:32 AM Sep 15

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"Climate information facilities commissioned in vulnerable communities in Ghana" by B4FA Fellow Npong Balikawu Francis, in

B4FA Week in Review – 9 September 2014

Today, our weekly roundup takes us around the globe, stopping in on Vietnam, which has recently granted licenses for GM corn; Brazil, where fast-growing transgenic eucalyptus trees are being considered; and a report from the University of Durham examining how governance and regulation of GM crops in the ‘rising powers’ …

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"Improving diet quality in Ghana through resilient nutritious sweet potato" by B4FA Fellow Samuel Hinneh, in Modern Ghana.

B4FA Week in Review – 2 September 2014

Leading this week in bioscience news, the claim that there’s little independent research on GMO safety is being challenged with the launch of the GENetic Engineering Risk Atlas (GENERA) – a searchable public database of peer-reviewed scientific studies on the relative risks of GE crops. It demonstrates that independent, peer-reviewed GMO research …

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