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12:47 AM Sep 30

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Featured image from “Using ICT to boost agricultural output” by B4FA Fellow Lominda Afedraru, in the Daily Monitor.

B4FA Week in Review – 30 September 2014

Welcome to the latest edition of the B4FA Week in Review! In global bioscience news, Indian scientists believe that their government is about to abandon a moratorium on trials of a genetically modified eggplant (also known as brinjal or aubergine, depending on where you live!). “Bt brinjal” contains a gene …

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Photo: "Millet - Hirse" by Claus Rebler, licensed under CC license 2.0.

B4FA Week in Review – 23 September 2014

Exciting news in the world of biosciences this week: the long-sought Ph1 wheat gene has been found, which will lead the way to being able to breed improved wheat varieties using related ancestors. Scientists have also found a way to help plants photosynthesise more efficiently, which may someday help boost …

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