@B4FA: Gene responsible for cholesterol production could lead to potatoes with lower toxin levels http://t.co/Ww8KXgzhLr via @physorg_com

02:51 AM Nov 28

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B4FA Week in Review – 25 November 2014

This week, ministers and officials from all over the world convened in Rome at the Second Annual Conference on Nutrition (ICN2), organized by the FAO and WHO. The resulting Declaration on Nutrition and Framework for Action promises to combat malnutrition through policy and action – including the development of more sustainable food systems and nutrition-enhancing …

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Featured image: "Cocoa tree" by Tatters, used under a Creative Commons license.

B4FA Week in Review – 18 November 2014

This week, rice geneticist Pam Ronald — who developed flood-tolerant rice (and who is also married to an organic farmer) – says it’s time to stop demonizing GMO technology and instead figure out how appropriate use might enhance agricultural sustainability. In the United States, the USDA has approved a genetically modified potato – engineered …

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