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05:03 AM Aug 22

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Coffee beans. Photo by Jeff Kubina/Flickr. Creative Commons license: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

B4FA Week in Review – 19 August 2014

This week’s crop of articles in B4FA Week in Review features an article by B4FA Nigeria Fellow Ojoma Akor, who writes about how Ghana’s Cocoa Research Institute is working to keep disease and pests under control, an infographic from the Genetic Literacy Project on how GMOs can help with diseases that …

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Healthy cassava next to diseased cassava, Zanzibar, April 2014. Photo: Claudia Canales

B4FA Week in Review – 12 August 2014

Welcome back to the B4FA Week in Review after a three-week break! We’re back with a wide-ranging array of thought-provoking articles, including a Global Food Security piece about how young agricultural entrepreneurs in Africa may make the most of the continent’s opportunities, news of a $7 billion African agricultural initiative …

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