@B4FA: 'Most famous wheat gene' discovered, clears way for non-GMO breeding http://t.co/zJOGKBux0y

05:01 AM Sep 18

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Featured image from "African Green Revolution Forum: Matters arising" by B4FA Fellow Kandi Mohammed, in People' Daily.

B4FA Week in Review – 16 September 2014

Welcome to this week’s B4FA Week in Review. Our global stories include the exciting news that the coffee genome has been sequenced for the first time – opening the door to better breeding practices and genetic engineering. Also big news: the report on the world’s first human trial of the Vitamin A super-banana is now available …

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"Climate information facilities commissioned in vulnerable communities in Ghana" by B4FA Fellow Npong Balikawu Francis, in

B4FA Week in Review – 9 September 2014

Today, our weekly roundup takes us around the globe, stopping in on Vietnam, which has recently granted licenses for GM corn; Brazil, where fast-growing transgenic eucalyptus trees are being considered; and a report from the University of Durham examining how governance and regulation of GM crops in the ‘rising powers’ …

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