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05:38 AM Sep 02

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"Improving diet quality in Ghana through resilient nutritious sweet potato" by B4FA Fellow Samuel Hinneh, in Modern Ghana.

B4FA Week in Review – 2 September 2014

Leading this week in bioscience news, the claim that there’s little independent research on GMO safety is being challenged with the launch of the GENetic Engineering Risk Atlas (GENERA) – a searchable public database of peer-reviewed scientific studies on the relative risks of GE crops. It demonstrates that independent, peer-reviewed GMO research …

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GM rice. Photo: Kofi Adu Domfeh/DevelopmentArena.

B4FA Week in Review – 26 August 2014

This week, a feature article about Indian environmental activist Vendana Shiva in The New Yorker magazine catalyzed discussion and debate about GMOs. Meanwhile, the B4FA Week in Review is back with a whole host of stories by B4FA Fellows, including Adelaide Arthur, whose video explores community technology transfer in South Africa; Magdalene Ukuedojor …

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