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March 3rd, 2017 / CA Spore

A technology to turn fresh cassava peels into high quality animal feed products has been developed in Nigeria. Scientists have been able to reduce the drying time of abundant, low cost peels from 3 to 1 days, and in some cases to just 6 hours. The resulting dry cake is loosened, sun dried and divided into various grades for animals such as ruminants and poultry. The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) technology will enable around 50 million t of peels that are currently being wasted each year to become a tradable livestock feed commodity, and could create approximately 100,000 jobs.

In Nigeria, nearly 3 million households (85% women) produce 50 million t of cassava annually and, each year, about 14 million t of its by-products, including peels and under-sized tubers, are thrown away. Drying and grading cassava peels provides a readily available and sustainable source of animal feeds and could provide an innovative way to boost women’s incomes in West Africa. See more