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December 20th, 2018

Africa can’t afford to be left behind as the gene revolution transforms modern farming, African agricultural experts say.

This is especially true for Nigeria, which must feed its rapidly growing population, said Yarama Ndirpaya, director of partnership and linkages at the Agricultural Research Council of Nigeria (ARCN).

Nigeria and other African nations appear to be foot dragging or undecided about whether to embrace the innovation of biotechnology — an approach that effectively limited their participation in the industrial and green revolutions that swept the world and the technology revolution that is now under way.

But Nigeria and the rest of the continent will be the worse for it if they again fail to identify with and explore the new era launched by the gene revolution, Ndirpaya warned.

He pointed out that countries with large populations, such as the United States, China, India and Brazil, are already deploying technologies that assist in developing their agriculture to achieve food security.

“Unfortunately for us, we’ve always joined the train late,” Ndirpaya said. “When the green revolution came, we were left out. Today the gene revolution is here and we’re dragging feet and before we realize it, the train of the gene revolution may also leave us. So, we feel strongly that Nigeria shouldn’t be left out of the gene revolution. We must imbibe any technology that we’re sure is safe and credible and can improve our productivity

According Abdurhamane, African farmers and Africa Sub-region were yet to apprehend the scientifically developed technology which could go a long way to boost agriculture in area of livestock production, animal feeds, and food crops. Read more