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September 28th, 2017 / Fresh Plaza

In recent years investors have started discovering the potential of agriculture more and more. Especially Africa is interesting to these investors. That’s partly due to the enormous amount of agricultural land available, according to the FAO sub-saharan Africa has 90 million hectares of arable land available. Only 25 percent of this vast acreage is used for agriculture. On the other hand, infrastructure and telecommunications is quickly developing in African countries. Within the fruit cultivation, investors also know how to find the continent more often. Considerable sums of money are invested into the production of profitable products such as avocado, pineapple, mango, melons and bananas.

“It’s difficult to say when this trend started,” says Doug Hawkins from Hardman Agribusiness. The British company advises entrepreneurs and investors in the agrarian sector. From this position, he paints a picture of investors in fruit cultivation in Africa. “Companies such as Sipef and Kakuzi are established names, other projects are more recent. I’d say there’s increasing interest in owning or developing cultivation or processing companies in sub-Sahara Africa.” Various international parties, both quoted on the stock exchange and private companies, have shown an interest in horticulture in Africa through Hardman, and especially West and East Africa are interesting. Read more