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March 29th, 2018 / AgriLinks

The factsheets provide a snapshot of several key foodborne disease (FBD) causing agents (chemical and biological) commonly found in developing countries. They provide a description of the agent, major food sources, impact on human health and how to manage toxicity. These are a useful tool for those looking for a quick summary of some of the leading FBD causing agents.

Food safety is an important public health concern globally and particularly in developing countries where food standards, principally within local/informal market systems, are more lax, resources are fewer, potential contaminants are abundant and human and financial capital ability are less. Food is a significant pathogen transmitter, particularly in foods such as meat, milk, fish, eggs and fresh fruits and vegetables. In developing countries these foods are primarily produced by smallholder farmers and sold in local, informal wet markets. These foods, which have the potential to provide significant nutrition, can also be the most dangerous in terms of foodborne disease (FBD) potential. Read more