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April 12th, 2018 / Huffpost, South Africa

South Africa or Africa at large should seek to be the place that gives us the Steve Jobs of agriculture, to tackle major challenges the continent faces in terms of economic growth, food security and the present threat of climate change. This is particularly important in the sensitive debate over land expropriation in South Africa and our continued struggle with the three burdens of poverty, inequality and unemployment.

It is equally critical in the global threat of climate change, which will affect developing nations the most, threatening food and economic security, impacting the futures of our youth. The water crisis that hit Western Cape and Cape Town is only a taste of things to come, and the rest of the country and region should be preparing for what’s ahead.

In the agriculture and food security space, we are also faced with ageing and retiring farmers who will leave with their decades of knowledge in agriculture. It is going to be critical for us to bridge this divide between the old and young in agriculture, retain decades worth of skills and know-how, and catalyse future-oriented innovation to be carried forward by the younger generations. Read more