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July 12th, 2018 /

This week saw the launch in Paris of the International Science Council – a new non-governmental association of science formed by a merger of the International Council for Science and the International Social Science Council. The council, led by its newly elected president Daya Reddy – who is a South African research chair in computational mechanics at the University of Cape Town – convenes 40 international scientific unions and associations plus more than 140 national and regional organisations to act as the “global voice of science,” according to an article in SciDevNet.

Among its activities will be linking science and policy, encouraging scientific research in less developed nations, defending free and independent research – particularly in countries with authoritarian regimes – and addressing the problem of brain drain. “The council has a unique power and ability to mobilise communities of scientists to solve major problems,” said Reddy. “It will stimulate research, communicate scientific knowledge in the public domain, and defend free practice of science.”

Meanwhile, the Madagascan banana (Ensete perrieri) was listed as Critically Endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of endangered species. The species, which is an inedible seeded fruit smaller than the widely consumed Cavendish banana, only has five trees surviving in the wild, according to scientists at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Yet it may hold the key to saving the Cavendish from Panama disease, which threatens to wipe out the world’s crops. “[P]erhaps it has genetic traits against the disease,” said Richard Allen, senior conservation assessor at Kew. “We don’t know until we actually do research on the banana itself, but we can’t do the research until it’s saved.” It is hoped that cross-breeding could lead to a fruit that is resilient as well as delicious.

B4FA Fellow Lominda Afedraru writes a piece for the Genetic Literacy Project asking whether Africa will embrace CRISPR and the next phase of the biotech revolution. She also writes about the cultivation of chili peppers and beans amongst Ugandan farmers. And B4FA Fellow Michael Ssali asks Ugandan farmers, “Does your farm produce sufficient returns?

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