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January 3rd, 2019 /

New year’s greetings from all of us at B4FA. We enter 2019 highlighting a forward-looking piece posted in Cornell’s Alliance for Science blog – “Africa can’t afford to miss the gene revolution, ag experts say” – that interviews African agricultural experts encouraging the continent’s embrace of biotechnology.

In the article, Agricultural Research Council of Nigeria’s (ARCN) Yarama Ndirpaya urges African leaders to avoid “dragging their feet” on joining the genetic revolution. “If we have issues of feeding ourselves today then tomorrow must be very important to us,” Ndirpaya said. “Our effort is to see what technologies are available around the whole globe that can help us improve and make sure that this productivity increase is sustained not by increasing the number of hectares, because land is also running out, but by increasing the productivity per unit area. We found biotechnology to be one of the very important and critical technologies for a teeming population like ours.”

Meanwhile, West Africa regional representative for the African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF) Issoufou Kollo Abdourhamane said: “We have realized that any time a new technology to improve agricultural production is coming out there are some very intelligent people who’ll say ‘No, this is not for Africa,’ or they find excuses to deny Africans of it. This is how the agricultural revolution bypassed Africa many years ago.” 

“At AATF, we believe that there is no technology good for the rest of the world that is not good for Africa…,” he continued. “[A]ny technology good for USA, South Africa, China, India can also be good for Africa. Technology is technology, science is science. It is universal. When science is good, it is good, it has no color or tribal origin. This is our philosophy.”

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