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July 5th, 2017 /

More positive responses are rolling in for the documentary Food Evolution, which opened in United States cinemas in late June. The film is trying to encourage fact-based public discourse around GM, while discouraging polarized debate and dispelling fear. (See “Documentary ‘Food Evolution’ turns to reason to discuss GMO controversy”, LA Times.) Food Evolution is narrated by trusted scientist and science communicator Neil deGrasse Tyson (get a sneak peek here). According to the ISAAA, the film highlights situations in Hawaii, Uganda, and other countries, and featured scientists Drs. Alison Van Eenennaam, Dennis Gonsalves, Pamela Ronald, and Leena Tripathi, as well as environmentalist Mark Lynas.

Responses include those from scientist and educator Kevin Folta, who said in the Huffington Post, “I’ve seen the film several times, and each time I’ve lost tears. As a scientist, it is painful to relive how safe and effective solutions that can change the lives of people and help our planet—but their use is restricted because of well-financed and coordinated misinformation and fear campaigns.” And the women behind Science Moms – bloggers who are both scientists and parents – gave the film a thumbs-up, too. “This discussion comes at a crucial point,” they write. “Ideology is jeopardizing our regulatory institutions’ evidence-based policies. … No matter what a movie says, or what activists say, we should ask: what do our scientific institutions say? What data and evidence supports them? What policies are they trying to guide? We ask these questions not only as scientists and communicators, but as moms.”

An interesting piece in The Conversation, Africa, discusses how and why demonstration farms have the potential to revolutionize agriculture, as they can be used to teach modern farming practices, crop management, new agricultural technologies, and how to improve and maintain soil health. The piece encourages more demonstration farms in Africa, and lists those already in place on the continent and around the world. In Tanzania, sweet-potato growers learning how to use tissue culture technology to produce higher-yielding clean seeds, rather than using the traditional method of planting pieces of mature roots or diseased seeds. According to Wilfred Mushobozi, CEO of Crop Bioscience Solutions of Arusha, tissue culture technology yields are ten times higher than the normal average when combined with recommended fertilizers and agronomic skills. Meanwhile, in Ethiopia, farmers are still struggling with an increasingly severe armyworm attack, while in Kenya, crops already weakened by armyworm are now suffering from lack of rain.

From the B4FA Fellows, we hear from Michael Ssali, who writes from Uganda that farmers are being urged to use more fertilisers, and explains the practice of drip irrigation.

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