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October 11th, 2017 / Sunrise, Uganda

B4FA Fellow Henry Lutaaya reports:

The newly enacted Biosafety Act 2017 is a Red Card to some of the most menacing crop pests and diseases that are currently ravaging hundreds of farms owned by smallholder farmers across Uganda, leading to food insecurity and economic instability, according to one pro-GMO campaigner.

Arthur Makara, the Executive Director of the Science Foundation for Livelihoods and Development (Scifode), says the enactment of the law last week is a historic decision by the Parliament of Uganda as it will empower farmers with new and safer tools to fight ravaging pests.

“The science fraternity are elated by the historic decision by Parliament to enact a law that will guide them in their effort to provide safe improved Biotech solutions to challenges faced by Ugandan farmers.

“It is a great decision and a Parliamentary red card against Banana Bacterial Wilt (BBW) disease, Cassava Brown Streak disease Irish Potato Late Blight, and the army worm among others.” said Makara.

He added: “Farmers have a reason to celebrate too. Many have been wondering when and how such technologies can be accessed. The answer was; there were no rules of the game yet.” Read more