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June 28th, 2018 /

EAST African countries remain in danger of a devastating weed; parthenium hysterophorus that has already inflicted costs to farmers as experts strain themselves to contain it.

The ECHO East Africa Impact Center in collaboration with other partners and community is working out ways of containing the killer plant that is fast spreading in several parts of the countries within East African Community (EAC).

Speaking to the ‘Daily News’ , the Technical Advisor with the East Africa Impact Centre, Mr Charles Bonaventure said that the weed has already found its way into Kagera region having wreaked havoc across Arusha, Kilimanjaro and Manyara regions as well as in other EAC member states and ECHO is doing the best to mitigate the effects.

“The campaigning team of 10 people was formed and is coordinated by ECHO staff. Efforts to discuss how to mitigate the effects of parthenium with the Government officials and other partners is among the priority of ECHO. At the moment though meetings with key leaders and stakeholders we have been finding ways out,” said Mr Bonaventure. Read more