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January 25th, 2013
This week, B4FA’s Scientific Advisor, Prof. Chris Leaver was interviewed by East African Business Week‘s Kenan Kalagho – read excerpts below to hear Prof. Leaver’s views on food security, plant genetics and GM crops…
What is Bioscience for farming in Africa?
This is a programme specifically designed to encourage informed discussion about the potential application of biosciences and genetics.
It also address the recent advances in science research, how they can help bring positive change on farms and in communities in order to create a vibrant, sustainable and diverse agricultural sector.
There has been some misconception about GM crops, what’s your take? 
If I knew any problem of health risk I would be the first to point it out.

There are challenges about population growth and we are completely dependent on crops to feed us. In Africa the yields have been flat for a long time while the population continues to grow, GM crops will have a role to play in order to beat the growing population demand.

Why has there been a long debate by policy makers on whether or not to accept and adopt GM crops?
A lot of NGO’s don’t like globalization and dislike multinational corporations.
There is also lack of education and understanding about GM crops but if we can raise the quality of lives of people let us try it, people have the choice.
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