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November 18th, 2016 / CCAFS, Denmark

Leading scientists and policymakers have come together at the COP22 climate talks in Marrakech to determine priorities for collective action that will help African agriculture to build resilience to climate change and feed the chronically food insecure continent.

“Six of the 10 countries most affected by climate change are in Africa yet Africa is responsible for only four per cent of greenhouse gas emissions,” said Bruce Campbell of the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS), which co-hosted the event. “Moreover, African countries only receive five per cent of climate funding. This event was a crucial step towards a mutual goal: finding ways to adapt to climate change and finding the funds to make it happen.”

98% of African countries have pledged to include agriculture adaptation in their climate change strategies, yet progress at a global level on agriculture has stalled at COP22. Discussions on how to include agriculture as part of the climate negotiations has been delayed until May 2017, making action at a regional level all the more urgent. See more