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March 7th, 2017 / Daily Monitor, Uganda

B4FA Fellow, Michael Ssali, reports: Farm thefts have become a major challenge and it is easy to understand why. The rapid population growth means more mouths to feed. The population increase has resulted in land fragmentation and smaller, overworked, and unproductive land plots. Unpredictable climatic conditions have further made it hard to grow crops and to keep animals. Many people do not even have land at all on which to do any farming and have moved to the towns with futile hope for gainful employment. Necessity knows no law and in order to live, needy people often resort to unlawful acts.

Farming is mostly an open air business and farmers cannot spend all the time in the field watching over the crops and the animals, especially at night. It is not easy for most small scale farmers to secure their farms by erecting strong fences around their farms. Only a few of them can afford to hire reliable security guards. See more