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July 28th, 2017 / Daily Monitor, Uganda

In a bid to completely contain the killer fall armyworm, government has imported prowling insects which will eat the heavily destructive worm.

On Thursday at the ongoing National Agricultural Trade Show in Jinja, Dr Imelda Kashaija, the deputy director general for technology at Naro, revealed the predators are being tested by experts at Namulonge.

“We approached our colleagues in South Africa and they offered help. They encouraged us to explore the option of the predators which eat the fall armyworm aggressively. I can confirm the predators are already in the country and currently our lab experts are testing their efficiency,” said Kashaija.
“Once the tests are done probably before the next season, we will internally test them at our stations before rolling them to the farmers. We have hope that the fall armyworm will be contained,” she added. Read more