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February 27th, 2019 / Daily Monitor, Uganda

Michael J. Ssali, B4FA Fellow, writes:

Crops harvested in fresh form usually get spoiled in a short time if no effort is made to preserve them. 

The same happens to animal food products such as fish, meat, and milk. When food is spoiled it develops an offensive smell, an unpleasant appearance and a bad taste.

It becomes unfit for human consumption. To reduce losses farmers must take measures to improve the storage life, safety, and quality of the products by simple processes such as drying, salting, refrigeration, frying and smoking.

The quality of the food product is normally preserved and the farmer can still sell it at a good price later or store it for times of food scarcity.
In other cases farmers may process the food products by turning dry maize into flour which can be packed in bags and sold or consumed over a long period.  Read more