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July 9th, 2018 / Daily Monitor, Uganda

B4FA Fellow writes Lominda Afedraru:

It is 10am as we set off from Mbale District to catch up with youth group engaged in growing chilli (pepper) and eggplants located in Nakatende village in Budaka District.
Upon arrival in this village about three kilometres from Mbale town, we are received by Joseph Wambuzi the youth leader who is also an agronomist specialising in horticulture.
He takes a team of journalists on a fact finding visit interested in knowledge sharing about agronomy of growing chili for farmers to get bumper harvest.

Wambuzi and a team of 11 other youth belong to Nakatende Youth Farmers Association which he initiated in March 2018 after attending skills training sponsored by AVSI at Agromax in Gayaza Kampala.

He takes Seeds of Gold through best practices of growing chili and eggplant and excerpts follow … Read more