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December 1st, 2017 / E-Agriculture

How can Africa leapfrog its development to match the world average? This question has been dogging many in the developmental spheres; and has been dwelt with recently by the Investing in Africa Forum (IAF).

IAF is an initiative set up as a global platform for multilateral cooperation and promoting opportunities to increase investment in Africa and was established in 2015 by the China Development Bank. To date the Chinese government, the World Bank Group and several African countries has committed themselves to this cause.

Under this framework of Leapfrogging Africa’s development, six topics (sectors) were identified (a) agriculture, (b) education,(c) energy,(d) finance,(e) governance,(f) information and communications technologies.

This review will focus on (a) agriculture and (f) information and communication technologies, respectively. May l hasten to state that the rest are ‘indepthly’ covered in the report Leapfrogging: The Key to Africa’s Development. Read more