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March 1st, 2018 / International Fertilizer Association

It’s difficult being a farmer today. Not only are they getting older, but they also have to grow more food on existing farmland to feed the world’s growing population.

One foundation believes that introducing innovative technology can solve both problems by attracting young people to agriculture while providing farmers with the information they need to boost yields.

The Netherlands-based SoilCares Foundation works with the SoilCares company and the Rabobank Foundation to improve crop yields and promote responsible nutrient management by distributing a pioneering portable soil scanner to local entrepreneurs to use with smallholder farmers in Kenya.

The technology in question is the SoilCares Soil Scanner, a portable unit that can provide practical soil information within just 10 minutes. Using an near-infrared sensor, the unit connects via a smartphone to an online soil database, generating a detailed soil pH level, organic matter and NPK nutrient content report. Read more