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November 5th, 2018 / Daily Monitor, Uganda

B4FA Fellow Michael Ssali writes:

Of the hundreds of articles that I have written in the Daily Monitor since 1992, there is hardly any that has attracted as much public reaction as the one I wrote about Mr Deo Kiwanuka of Gulama Village, Buwunga Sub-county, in Masaka District.

He is a beekeeper that has also been breeding grasshoppers and crickets for some years now and it was his rather unique farming activities that led me to look him up in 2014 for the story.

A year earlier, I had written about some effort by grasshopper trappers in Masaka Municipality, to breed crickets. They chose to begin with crickets before proceeding to breed grasshoppers which they claimed required more working space.

One of them, also a poultry farmer, had boosted his chickens’ egg production by adding dry grasshopper wings powder to the feeds.

Millions of people eat insects as they are, or processed – for instance into protein powders to serve as supplements and into livestock feeds. Crickets according to Kiwanuka may be used in making poultry and fish feeds. Read more