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January 9th, 2018 / ICRISAT

Groundnut researchers are striving to introduce superior options to a popular early-maturing groundnut variety, Pendo (ICGMS 33), in Tanzania. Although Pendo has many strengths compared to other varieties, it is highly susceptible to rosette disease. Efforts are on, under the Tropical Legumes III project, to develop and disseminate varieties that overcome this limitation of Pendo.

In 2013, varieties ICGV-SM 90704 and ICGV 12991 were crossed to introgress rosette resistance.

Three rosette-tolerant varieties with individual improved traits: Naliendele 2009 (ICGV-SM 99555), which is early-maturing; Mangaka 2009 (ICGV-SM 99557), which has three kernels per pod; and Masasi 2009 (ICGV-SM 01721,) which is bold seeded; have been released.

Three varieties, primarily for use in the confectionery market: Narinut 2015 (ICGV-SM 01731), Kuchele 2015 (ICG 8326) and Nachi 2015 (ICGV-SM 90704) have been released, and are currently being multiplied as breeder seeds.

The project is also promoting the improved varieties released from 2009 so as to replace Pendo. Read more