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February 1st, 2018 / FarmBiz Africa

Agricultural stakeholders led by the Kenya Health Plant Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS) are set to market and promote the growing of potatoes in Kenya as a food of choice to enhance food security.

Potato marketing will be done through potato field days set to be organized by all stakeholders in the potato sector in the country.

Stakeholders, who included Agrico, Kisima Farm, Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization, International Potato Center, Sereni Flowers, Stokman Rosen, National Potato Council of Kenya, and Gaia Foods met on January 19th to discuss marketing of the tuber and having specific days such as ‘Potato Day’ where Kenyans would be sensitized on the nutritional value of potato.

According to the National Potato Council of Kenya, Potatoes are the second most important food and cash crop after maize in Kenya. Potatoes are grown by approximately 800,000 smallholder farmers, employ 2.7m actors along the marketing channels and contribute over Sh50bn to the Kenyan economy. Read more