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February 27th, 2017 / News Ghana

Kenyan crop researchers are free to start commercial growing of Genetically Modified (GMO) cotton, the country’s lawmakers said last Tuesday. Noor Mohammed, Chairman of Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture, Livestock and Cooperatives, however cautioned Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO) to ensure that the by-products do not get to the human and animal food chain.

“We are fully behind home grown solutions to food insecurity and therefore support local biotechnology research in the country,” Mohamed said during a consultative meeting between legislators and biotechnology experts in Nairobi.

He asked researchers to develop a transparent, science based process for the safe handling use and transfer of GMOs.

Mohammed assured researchers that the committee will lobby the government to consider allocating additional funds specifically for GMOs research to also help set up a state of the art laboratory.

“Research and trails on other crops like maize virus resistant sweet potatoes, and virus resistant cassava should also continue unhindered in the country,” he said. See more