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August 10th, 2018 / The Exchange, Tanzania

Two weeks ago, an international environmental watchdog and lobby group, Greenpeace Africa raised concerns over local governments’ failure to allocate adequate funding to the agriculture sector.

The lobby group therefore filed a petition stating that the county assembly formulates laws that support the ecological farming model since we have been practising it and it has proven to be the most effective form of tackling prolonged drought and climate change and variability and enhancing our economic resilience to meet the food security needs.

So as a response to that, Kitui County has enacted a law that sets aside one per cent of its annual budget towards climate change adaptation.

“Greenpeace Africa commends the move by the Kitui county government to set aside funds to help vulnerable communities adapt to adverse weather patterns caused by climate change. With the county’s budget this financial year standing at Sh11.7 billion ($116.56 million), it means the county will spend at least Sh117 million ($1.165 million) in climate change initiatives.” Greenpeace Africa’s Food for Life Campaigner Claire Nasike

This will ensure that farmers build resilience against future weather shocks. Read more