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May 1st, 2017 /

Alex Mchomvu, Tanzania B4FA Fellow, reports: Lydia Jacob develops her vegetables naturally in Mwanamseka, a town in the Coast Region, around 100 kilometers west of Dar es Salaam. The atmosphere here is wet and the land is loamy soil with a decent measure of natural matter.

Mrs. Jacob is a mother of four and the administrator of a gathering called Upendo, which has 16 individuals. At the point when the gathering individuals initially met up, they talked about enterprise and business aptitudes. Be that as it may, in 2014 they began to concentrate on farming, purchasing 22 sections of land of land in Mwanamseka and Mafizi towns.

From that point forward, 10 aggregate individuals have been effectively cultivating, developing products of the soil from June to March, including okra, tomato, watermelon, Chinese cabbage, spinach, onion, and sweet potato clears out. They are utilizing natural practices.  Read more