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July 3rd, 2018 / Business Daily

The Government of Kenya, within its big four agenda, has given prominence to food and nutritional security as one of its main development pillars. Rightly so, since a well-fed nation is crucial for productivity and contribution to the country’s economic growth. However, this pillar is often misconstrued to solely refer to enhanced food production and equitable volumes.

Fundamentally, food and nutritional security is inextricably linked to food safety. The World Health Organization notes that food-borne diseases are responsible for a comparable burden of illness such as cancer and tuberculosis in Africa, with young children bearing the brunt of it. The resulting health cost implications and threat to productivity is incapacitating.

Kenya’s exports are thoroughly grown or produced to meet Codex Alimentarius and other standards required for international trade.

At the very core of these standards is safety and protection of consumer health by addressing issues such as food additives, contaminants and hygiene practices. This year alone has seen several media reports of contamination and adulteration by unscrupulous value chain actors. Read more