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April 11th, 2018 / Genetic Literacy Project, US

Ugandan banana breeders at Kawanda have improved local banana varieties to resist the devastating banana bacterial wilt.

Potato breeders at Kachwekano in partnership with International Centre for Potato have improved the locally grown Victoria Potato variety to resist late blight disease so that potato farmers will not have to buy fungicides.

Cassava breeders under the national cassava programme in Namulonge has improved farmer preferred cassava varieties like TME 204, grown widely in Uganda to resist cassava brown streak disease that is causing havoc in Ngora district and other cassava growing areas.

The cereals programme at Namulonge is improving the Longe maize varieties that farmers already grow, to resist maize stalk borer and the recent fall armyworm.

With all these challenges being addressed through genetic engineering technique, it is understandable for [Member of Paliament Syda] Bbumba to choose to support the “demon” for the sake of ensuring a food secure Uganda. Read more