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October 19th, 2018 / The Standard, Kenya

Kenya’s ambition to become a newly industrialized middle-income country is enshrined in the government’s national long-term development policy, Vision 2030.

The delivery of this target is driven by a series of medium-term plans. But most importantly, the ‘Big Four Agenda’, which seeks to attain positive agricultural transformation by increasing maize production from 46 million bags currently to 67 million bags by 2022. The seed industry in Kenya is one of the pillars upon which improved agricultural productivity for the country must rest, in order for farmers to increase maize production by the additional 21 million bags by 2022.

To achieve this, farmers must engage in good agronomy practice and use the right farm inputs, in particular, fertiliser and quality certified seed.

Quality certified seed is critical to enabling farmers raise agricultural productivity, increase income and reduce poverty. However, in many cases, farmers continue to suffer low crop yields and even crop failure frequently due to poor quality seed or reduced availability of better performing seed. Read more