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April 17th, 2018 / New Vision, Uganda

The rainy season is already here with us and most farmers have begun to plant various seeds nearly across Africa.

As the farmers descend upon their farms, one big issue that lingers among researchers is the inability of these farmers to access certified seed that can serve their immediate needs.

At the end of the planting season less than 20 per cent of all farmers would have planted certified and clean seeds.

The oft-told story of the seed sector in Africa is that it has always been grappling with a lot of challenges such as farmer apathy to adopting new and better varieties.

Given, it is incumbent upon the sector to engage more visibly among themselves than they have done in order to effectively pressurize governments to keep their promises on allocations to agriculture and other services which impact seed trade directly.

Such engagements must ensure that the seed companies, who are major tax payers in many countries, hold political and business leaders to account measuring their actions against their promises.

Bottlenecks that bedevil the sector, could, for example, be slayed if political leaders kept their word sprouting from their meeting in June last year where there was renewed commitment to allocate at least 10 percent of their national budgets to agriculture. Read more