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May 22nd, 2017 / Daily Monitor, Uganda

B4FA Fellow Michael Ssali writes:
One of the most important steps for anybody setting out to grow Robusta coffee is to select good quality plantlets. Robusta coffee is a perennial crop from which a farmer can expect income for an entire lifetime. It is important therefore to plant coffee varieties that are high yielding and free from disease. It is prudent for the farmer to visit successful coffee farmers in the neighbourhood and know how they go about their business —- which coffee varieties they grow, where they got the plantlets from, and the crop husbandry practices that they apply.

Most successful Robusta coffee farmers have chosen to grow clonal coffee varieties approved by agriculturists because, with good management, they grow fast; are high yielding, and generally take less than two years to bear fruit. Clonal Robusta coffee varieties produce the bean-size and cup taste that is competitive on the market.

A serious coffee farmer should invest some money in his or her business by purchasing quality coffee plantlets from a recommended coffee nursery. Read more