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July 11th, 2017 / Xinhuanet, China

Experts at the three-day West Africa Fertilizer and Agri-Business Conference which began here on Monday identified depletion of soil nutrients as one of the key challenges to food security on the African continent.

Eugine Rurangwa, Land and Water Officer at the UN-Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) African Regional Office noted there is the need for increasing current food production levels significantly to meet growing demands.

He observed that globally populations will approach nine billion, and the increasing demand for health and nutrition food will continue to increase and push humanity to try to meet the demand.

“To meet the demand for nutritious and healthy food, agriculture production has to increase globally by 60 percent and in our Developing Countries almost by 100 percent. And this has to be done without increasing the surface area. So this is really a very serious challenge that we have,” Rurangwa noted. Read more