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December 11th, 2017 / Alliance for Science, US

“At first I was resistant due to some of the negative stories about biotechnology that are out there, like hearing that some people develop cancer and stuff,” she said.

After being persuaded to plant biotech seeds on one hectare of land, that resistance quickly faded away.

“Guess what? I saw the results and since then I’ve never turned back and I’m now a firm believer in biotechnology,” farmer Tepsy Eve Ntseoane said, adding that her current yields of seven tons per hectare have changed her life by providing the needed income to expand into beef cattle management.

As for those safety concerns, Ntseona said she’s “a living testimony” to the “myth” that biotech seeds pose a threat.

“I’m eating biotechnology myself, my family is eating biotechnology and my cattle are eating biotechnology,” she said. “Five years later, I am here looking beautiful without any diseases.” Read more