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December 20th, 2018

A new improved GMO cowpea variety developed by Ghanaian scientists will grow the nation’s cowpea sector by nearly 10 percent annually over the next six years, according to a new economic study.

The study forecasts the new insect resistant cowpea will add US$52million (GH₵230m) to the cowpea production economy by 2025, if it is commercialized as planned next year.

The figure implies the new cowpea variety will add about US$8.6 million (GH₵38m) annually to the cowpea production economy, which is currently valued at about US$94 million (GH₵415m). This indicates that all other things being equal, the new variety could help grow the cowpea production sector on average of 9.15 percent annually if adopted.

However, if regulatory procedures delay the introduction of the new cowpea for five years, Ghana stands to lose about US$35 million (GH₵152m), the study predicted.

According Abdurhamane, African farmers and Africa Sub-region were yet to apprehend the scientifically developed technology which could go a long way to boost agriculture in area of livestock production, animal feeds, and food crops. Read more