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June 27th, 2018 / Independent, UK

Super crops have the potential to revolutionise agriculture in Africa, a leading expert has claimed.

Hundreds of millions of pounds have been invested in new crops on the continent which are more nutritious and better resistant to disease with an improved ability to withstand severe flooding or drought.

From “scuba” rice which can live even if submerged underwater for two weeks to iron-rich beans able to withstand a temperature change of four degrees and drought-resistant maize rich in vitamins and minerals, new crops are increasingly coming to the fore, and it is having a significant impact on food production in a challenging environment.

The new crops, traditionally grown, have the capability to alleviate what is known as “hidden hunger” or micronutrient-malnutrition; estimated to affect more than two billion people across the world.

Zuneid Yousuf, chairman of MBI Group, a consortium of Zambian companies, says: “We know that southern Africa has enormous potential for food production, which if harnessed correctly could guarantee food security in the region.

“Zambia alone has an arable land mass which is larger than the United Kingdom, highly fertile, and contains an abundance of water which makes for perfect agricultural conditions. Read more