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July 15th, 2019

Pig rearing remains a lucrative business, but it is often disrupted by diseases. One of the diseases that attack pigs is the African swine fever.

… Sadly, African swine fever has no treatment and can wipe out an entire pig farm. 

No vaccines have been developed but several bio-security measures can be practised to minimise its spread.

“Watch out for biting flies, ticks, and limit the number of vehicles and people visiting your farm since they are other possible carriers of the disease,” says Felix Opinya and agronomist. 

In fact to be safe farmers are encouraged to provide cover clothing material for visitors and ensure equipment used in your farm is clean. 

“Make sure your visitors disinfect their shoes while vehicles run through a disinfectant. If possible, fence your pig farm to keep away wild animals like warthogs, forest hogs and domestic pigs and their ticks,” says Opinya.