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December 18th, 2018 /

How Africa manages its land, agriculture and forestry is of critical importance to the health of its people, its economy and the world’s climate.

Not only is Africa the continent with the greatest potential to increase productivity; it also has the highest percentage of rainfed agriculture and therefore among the most vulnerable areas to climate impacts.

With 60% of the continent’s trade derived from agricultural commodities, it is not surprising that Africa is increasingly recognizing the need for robust adaptation programs and climate smart agriculture.

Alongside this, the forests of Africa are receiving increasing attention around the world, and for good reason. Representing 16% of the world’s forest cover at 600 million hectares; they are precious habitats of economic resources for African people, 70% of whom rely on them for energy among other vital forms of livelihood support.

The sessions on Agriculture, Land and Forestry Day at the African Development Bank’s pavilion during COP24, focused on the implications of how Africa is leading the transformation of agriculture and forestry as a pillar of sustainable economic development and poverty reduction. Read more