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January 5th, 2018 / Xinhua, China

In a letter to the speaker last week, Museveni said the use of the GMO crops will contaminate the indigenous ones which Ugandan farmers have developed for years.

“This law apparently talks of giving monopoly of patent rights to its adder and forgets about the communities that developed original material. This is wrong,” Museveni said.

“To be on the safe side, GMO seeds should never be randomly mixed with our indigenous seeds just in case they turn out to have a problem,” he said.

The constitution of the East African country empowers the president to approve the bill, or return it to the parliament for reconsideration and notify the parliament speaker in writing of the refusal.
The law passed by lawmakers in October provided a regulatory framework that would facilitate the safe development and application of biotechnology, research, development and release of GMOs.

It also established institutions that would regulate and promote the usage of biotechnology in a bid to modernize agriculture and environmental protection, as well as enhance public health and industrialization. Read more