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August 6th, 2018 / Daily Monitor, Uganda

B4FA Fellow, Michael Ssali writes:

In the introduction to his book “The Struggle for Land in Buganda” Samwiri Lwanga Lunyiigo, says: “Peasants must be part of our agrarian revolution through the improvement of their farms.”

He goes on to state that floating masses of poor and landless peasants will not allow the landlords to lie comfortably in their beds because when people have no stake in their own country they become disrespectful of the rights of those who have.

It is quite common today to see people being evicted from land they know to be theirs.
Large corporations and foreign investors are taking up large areas to grow single crops such as sugar cane or palm trees surrounded by impoverished peasants.

Often those rendered landless have no alternative means of earning a living. We also see small plots of land subdivided and shared among brothers and sisters to practice farming.
Yet various leaders keep calling upon everybody to work hard to fight poverty and to achieve food security. Read more