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October 17th, 2017 / World Bank

To commemorate World Food Day, we’re celebrating young farmers who are working to feed the world and improve food security through innovation, collaboration and hard work. The World Bank recently hosted an event highlighting farmers who are finding profit and purpose in agriculture.

Journalist Femi Oke moderated the panel, which was headlined by Shelly-Ann Dinnall, a poultry farmer from Jamaica; Pedro Diniz, founder and CEO of a large scale organic farm in Brazil; Katrina Sasse, a cereal farmer from Australia; and Brian Ndyaguma, an entrepreneur who grows greens to supply his café in Uganda.

“Factors of production will always be expensive and hard to source for young people. How do you get over it? Team up. If I don’t have land, someone else might have land that is not being used.” said Brian Ndyaguma. Brian sold eggs through university to pay his school fees and in the last 8 months has begun venturing into urban farming. He recommended teaming up with other people to overcome the resource constraints many young people face. Drawing on his experience in the innovation ecosystem in Kampala, he said his preferred team size is three people – one person with the initial idea and two others with specialized knowledge to improve soil quality and grow successful vegetables for example. (If someone’s parents have an unused piece of land, that’s helpful too.) Read more