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B4FA: Analyses: Africa’s future … can biosciences contributeAfrican smallholder farmers face great challenges if they are to protect their crops from diseases, pests, drought and climate change; increase yields; and provide food for rapidly rising populations. Recent advances in plant sciences, however, can offer sustainable and cost-effective ways of protecting crops and increasing the yields on which so many livelihoods depend.

Analyses presents a selection of field-based research studies and provides first-hand accounts of smallholder farmers’ experiences, together with an insight into the status of modern crop genetics and its regulation in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Patrick J. Mitton and David J. Bennett
Kristin Wedding and Johanna Nesseth
Phil Macnaghten and Susana Carro-Ripalda
Matthew A. Schnurr, Lincoln Addison, Sarah Mujabi-Mujuzi and Tonny Miiro
Mary K. Hendrickson, Jere L. Gilles, William H. Meyers, Kenneth C. Schneeberger and William R. Folk
Samuel E. Timpo, Diran Makinde, Godwin N.Y. Lemgo, Hashini G. Dissanayake, Joseph Guenthner and Karim Maredia
Harvey James, Corinne Valdivia, William R. Folk, Dekha Sheikh, Festus Murithi, Violet Gathaara, Milton Kengo, Charles Bett and Grace Mbure
Nigel J. Taylor, Haruna A. Sekabira, Kenneth W. Sibiko, Anton Bua and John Lynam
Carl E. Pray, Jikun Huang, Jun Yang, Ruifa Hu, Latha Nagarajan, Bharat Ramaswami, Anwar Naseem, Gal Hochman, and Sanjib Bhuyan
Mariechel J. Navarro and Randy A. Hautea
José Falck Zepeda, Patricia Zambrano, Denisse McLean, Arie Sanders, Maria Mercedes Roca, Cecilia Chi-Ham and Alan Bennett
Glenn Davis Stone and Andrew Flachs
Eric Wailes, Alvaro Durand-Morat, Eddie Chavez, Mohammad Alam, Francis Mwaijande, Hans De Steur, Shoichi Ito, Zhihao Zheng,
Alice Jin (Jiang), Ranjit Mane and Francis Tsiboe

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