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December 9th, 2013

This week, you’ll find an excellent collection of articles on that puts the spotlight on global food security, and you’ll notice that a number of the news pieces focus on new varieties of crops, including maize in Kenya and Nigeria.

Moreover, you’ll notice several articles on crop diseases and invasive plants in Tanzania (bananamaize), Uganda (banana).  The article “Why Dar should embrace genetically ‘tweaked’ seeds” discusses several of these issues and why genetic modification is one of the few techniques that can address these challenges.

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Biosciences and Plant Genetics

This week’s ‘Must read’:Can a growing world feed itself without genetically modified crops?

In this essay, B4FA’s Project Leader, Sir Brian Heap, writes about GM crops and whether they can help developing countries who are often most in need of genetic breakthroughs for crops like banana, cassava and others. Read it here.

Science and food security – Spotlight: Ensuring food security for the future (Collection of articles)

Kenya’s researchers develop new maize variety

What have been the farm-level economic impacts of the global cultivation of GM crops?

Collaboration for Environmental Evidence Library

Monsanto, GMOs & the Pulpit: Humans “Messing With Nature” Can Turn Out Just Fine

Kaua’i council goes rogue, overrides Mayor’s veto of anti-GMO bill
Forbes / Genetic Literacy Project


VIDEO: Research on how climate change is affecting soil and yields in Ghana
JoyNews, by B4FA Media Fellow Adelaide Arthur

VIDEO: Govt to modernise agriculture to enhance food security
JoyNews, by B4FA Media Fellow Adelaide ArthurVIDEO: Women Smallholder Farmers in the West Gonja District of the Northern Region has lauded the support extended to them under the Integrated Agricultural Productivity Improvement and Marketing Project
Viasat News, by B4FA Media Fellow Noah NashGhanaian rice growers cultivate a food security solution: case studies
The Guardian (UK)



IITA to release mycotoxin resistant maize variety in Nigeria
NAN / Business Day, by B4FA Media Fellow Salimat Garba

Nigeria should be a powerhouse of food, says Akinwumi
This Day Live


Researchers seek to tackle sweet potatoes pests, disease

Daily News Online Edition, by B4FA Media Fellow Finnigan wa Simbeye

Jamii yahimizwa kupenda vyakula vyenye virutubisho(About orange-fleshed sweet potatoes and nutrition; Google Translate)
Mwananchi, by B4FA Media Fellow Julieth Kulangwa

Why Dar should embrace genetically ‘tweaked’ seeds
The Citizen

INSIGHT: Biotechnology ideal for high crop yield: Expert
The Citizen

‘Treat banana wilt as a national issue’
IPP Media


In a warmer climate, Uganda would benefit from GM technology (See also: Uganda climate change vulnerability assessment report, August 2013)
Sunrise, by B4FA Media Fellow Henry Lutaaya

Tissue culture: An option for farmers to get clean banana planting materials
Daily Monitor, by B4FA Media Fellow Lominda Afedraru