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April 29th, 2014

This week in the B4FA Week in Review, you’ll find fascinating articles on disease-resistant plantlets, wheat rust, a new trial of GM plants at Rothamsted Research and so much more.

The B4FA Media Fellows have written excellent articles and produced broadcast stories about a recent meeting on podborer resistant cowpea, the loss of two million cocoa trees to disease in Ghana, five countries joining forces to tackle cassava diseases and much more.

Don’t miss our latest Viewpoint essay by Africano Kangire on the plight of coffee farmers in Uganda.

Also, watch and listen to nine B4FA Media Fellows who share their experience of participating with B4FA over the past two years. More videos to come!

Please note that the B4FA Week in Review will now be a biweekly edition.  The next issue will be sent on 13 May.

If you have any questions/comments about our ‘Week in Review’ or would like to share articles, please contact Molly Hurley-Depret at [email protected].

Biosciences and Plant Genetics

Project releases disease-resistant cassava plantlets

Wheat rust: The fungal disease that threatens to destroy the world crop
The Independent

Trait by trait, plant scientists swiftly weed out bad seeds through marker-assisted breeding
Washington Post

Points to Consider: Alleged Decline in GM Crop Plantings Misses Forest for Trees
The Innovation Files

Genetic study tackles mystery of slow plant domestications

Drought-induced ATCBF4 improve transgenic maize
Crop Biotech Update, ISAAA

Release of first peanut genome sequences to aid plant breeders
Online Athens

Trial of GM plants to help fight heart disease given go-ahead 
(More information: GM Camelina field Trial: Public information)
The Guardian; Rothamsted Research


VIDEO: Lord Paul Boateng Urges African Leaders to invest in Agric
ViaSat, by B4FA Media Fellow Noah Nash

West African Countries Urged To Indigenise Biotechnology Law
Modern Ghana, by B4FA Media Fellow Mark Boye

Tobacco companies turn to GMOs
Graphic Online, by B4FA Media Fellow Charles Benoni Okine

Pod Borer Resistant Cowpea Project Meeting in Accra
Scientists plot to defeat cowpea pests
Eighteen million farmers chose biotech crops
Biotechnology crucial to the pursuit of global food security
GNA, by B4FA Media Fellow Audrey Dekalu

Food Security: Ghanaian minister urges Africa to embrace biotechnology
NAN, by B4FA Media Fellow Magdalene Offiong Ukuedojor

Opinion: Anti-GM protesters are misdirecting energy
Ghana Web


Special Coverage of AATF PBR Cowpea Review Meeting, Accra, Ghana
AfricaSTI, by B4FA Mentors and Fellows Abah Anthony John, Alex Abutu, Ifeanyi Nwoko

FAO, FG collaborate for improved seed production (see p 42)
Vanguard, by B4FA Media Fellow Salimat Garba

Ghana losses 2 million Cocoa trees to diseases
AfricaSTI, by B4FA Fellow John Abah Anthony

Biosafety law key to agricultural advancement
‘More budgetary provision should be made to agriculture’
Daily Trust, by B4FA Media Fellow Ojoma Akor

Benue farmers to accept modified crops if…
Daily Trust, by B4FA Media Fellow Hope Abah

GM cowpea nears commercialisation in West Africa
AfricaSTI, by B4FA Media Mentor Alex Abutu

DG tasks African scientists on GMOs
Nigerian Pilot, by B4FA Media Fellow Kenneth Azahan

IITA lauds success of ‘Agripreneur’ programme
NAN, by B4FA Media Fellow Kate Obande

Seed firm welcomes scientific breakthrough in cowpea cultivation
NAN, by B4FA Media Fellows Magdalene Offiong Ukuedojor and Ifeanyi Nwoko

USAID earmarks N162bn for cowpea research
NAN /, by B4FA Media Fellow Magdalene Offiong Ukuedojor and Ifeanyi Nwoko


Zanzibar farmers look forward to better future
Tanzania Daily News, by B4FA Media Fellow Rosemary Mirondo

Increasing efficiency in Zanzibar’s agriculture 
Radio script by B4FA Media Fellow Josephat Mwanzi

Sparse Investment Limits Farming
Five Countries Join Forces to Tackle Cassava Diseases
East African Business Week, by B4FA Media Fellow Leonard Magomba


Food, the agricultural challenge of our time
The Monitor, by B4FA Media Fellow Michael J. Ssali

AUDIO: Youth empowered by project to improve food security and increase income
UBC, by B4FA Media Fellow Sarah Natoolo

Lwanyaga ssente azikola mu kutunda malagala: ‘Sizoni emu nkola ezisoba mu bukadde 10’
The story Is about a farmer (Vincent Lwanyaga) who specialised in multiplying improved KSP potatoes to sell to farmers and NGOs.
Bukkede, by B4FA Media Fellow Edward Sserinya

AUDIO: Uganda’s Institute develops new maize to fight malnutrition
UBC, by B4FA Media Fellow Sarah Mawerere

VIDEO: New Maize Disease Outbreak
By B4FA Media Fellow Henry Lutaaya