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February 26th, 2019 / The Guardian, Nigeria

Following fears and concerns by some civil society orgnisations and farmers over the safety of the newly commercialised Bt Cowpea (beans), scientists have reaffirmed that the pulse is safe for consumption.

The president of the National Biotechnology and Bio-safety Consortium (NBBC), Prof. Celestine Agboru, during a news conference in Abuja, debunked most of the claims by people kicking against the technology, insisting that “the crop does not contain any harmful element that is dangerous to human health.”

According to him, the pod borer resistant Cowpea was developed by Nigerians and not foreigners. It was developed at the Institute of Agricultural Research, Zaria and the research took about 10 years before it was commercialised. We at NBBC followed the process up to the point of presentation. Read more