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May 17th, 2018 / Alliance for Science, US

Due to my relationship with the world of food, I constantly hear inaccurate comments about GMOs and agricultural pesticides. While these conversations indicate that people are increasingly concerned about what they eat, they also reveal a disturbing level of misinformation.

In my opinion, this is due primarily to activists and institutions who achieve their political and ideological ends largely by disseminating partial, biased, erroneous or false information. The scientific community also has been ineffective in transmitting to society, in simple terms, the enormous advances that we live with every day.

In a time when scientific evidence is easily conquered by feelings, political correctness and ideologies, it is important to generate spaces where ideas can be discussed, and a fluid diffusion of facts and truths occurs. To that end, I’m seeking here to explain the reality of pesticide residues in foods and the highly conservative assessment process used to ensure that they have no harmful effects on human health.

As we explore step by step the process of establishing legally allowable pesticide residues in food, it will become clear that there is an exhaustive scientific method that strongly protects human health and delivers clear production rules to farmers. Read more