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September 17th, 2019 /

Kenya has launched a Pan African initiative to train the next generation of scientists who will support ongoing efforts to boost climate resilient farming in the world’s second-largest continent.

Kenya-based Africa Women in Agricultural Research and Development (AWARD) in partnership with foundations inaugurated the first cohort of African scientists who will embark on research that promotes climate smart farming.

The scientists will be embedded in the One Planet Fellowship that is a career development program for young African and European scientists who are expected to conduct research on innovations and practices that could promote climate tolerant farming at small-holder level.

Senior officials said the 2 billion shillings (20 million U.S. dollars) program will focus on collaborative research, training and exchange programs aimed at enhancing the capacity of young African scientists to be integrated in climate-smart small-holder agriculture.

“Climate change continues to devastate crop production and supply chains hence undermining poverty eradication and food security across Africa,” said Oscar Mugenyi, director of research and innovation in Kenya’s ministry of agriculture. Read more …