The winner of the B4FA logo was announced on January 4th 2012. B4FA hosted a design market place competition on where a community of talented designers from around the world competed to create our B4fa logo. Following a brief we published, we received over 300 designs, and the winner was “Demiurge_17”. What was wonderful was the story that accompanied his submission (and we only found out only after choosing the winning design).

“You’re welcome, I come from Indonesia (agriculture country), I was interested in agricultural development for African farmers to improve productivity there. My father also farms, so I am very pleased to assist program development for agriculture in Africa. I hope this program can be run well, so like in my design, all the seeds can be grown throughout Africa and the program can be successful. may God bless you and this program.”

Image Attributions

Homepage & Cassava Banner images sourced under creative commons by CIAT International Center for Tropical Agriculture

Biosciences & Agriculture banner image sourced under creative commons by Nicola since 1972

Cassava Images – cassava2.jpg sourced under creative commons by  tonrulken

Cassava Images – cassava-root1.jpg sourced under creative commons by  Evil Jess

Cowpea Images – cassava-root1.jpg sourced under creative commons by  Evil Jess

Biosciences & Agriculture – Designed & Created by  Mike Dre Designs for B4FA

Genetic-diversity-of-sorghum1.jpg – sourced under creative commons by icrisat.images

Maize-ears.jpg – sourced under creative commons by CIMMYT

Bean.jpg – sourced under creative commons by  Global Crop Diversity Trust

wild_rice.jpg – sourced under creative commons by  Global Crop Diversity Trust

rice_types.jpg – sourced under creative commons by IRRI Images

pollinating-a-cowpea-flower.jpg – sourced under creative commons by  IITA Image Library

Maize-ears.jpg – sourced under creative commons by  Pollinatory

rice-farmers-in-rwanda.jpg – sourced under creative commons by  IRRI Images

fruit-bunch.jpg – sourced under creative commons by  Peter Nijenhuis

maize-flower.jpg – sourced under creative commons by  Henry Mühlpfordt

“Tanzanian journalists cultivate plant science curiosity” – photography by Claudia Canales

Cassava-brown-streak-disease1.jpg copyright James Legg

Triticum-columnare1.jpg – A. Melikyan of the Armenian Agrarian University.

wild-type_banana.jpg – sourced under creative commons by  Warut Roonguthai

banana_plant.jpg – sourced under creative commons by Muhammad Mahdi Karim

Maize-plant.jpg – sourced under creative commons by CIMMYT

Ears of teosinte.jpg – photo by Hugh Iltis.

landrace maize.jpg – sourced under creative commons by CIMMYT

Seed of teosinte.jpg – sourced under creative commons by CIMMYT

Fruit of Solanum galapagense, Galapagos Islands.jpg by  H. Teppner (Creative Commons)

tomatoes.jpg – sourced under creative commons by Muffet

Fruiting branch of Solanum carolinense.jpg by John D. Byrd, Mississippi State University,

Cultivated bananas.jpg – sourced under creative commons by SarahInDisguise

Hybrid.jpg – sourced under creative commons by icrisat.images

mixed-maize.jpg – sourced under creative commons by CIMMYT

maize-seeds-3.jpg – sourced under creative commons by IRRI Images

Seed-collection-of-Jogimara-Dhading-Nepal-community-seed-bank.jpg – sourced under creative commons By Bioversity International

Evaluation of sweet potato crop collection.jpg – sourced under creative commons By Global Crop Diversity Trust

Hartmut-Schwarzback_Argus_Specialist-Stock.jpeg by Hartmut Schwarzbach/Argus/Still

Plants in the field: Courtesy of Jun Cao, Schnable Lab, Iowa State University

Ears of corn: Courtesy of Ruth Swanson-Wagner, Schnable Lab, Iowa State University

Golden Rice.jpg – sourced under creative commons by IRRI Images