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November 13th, 2019 / Business Daily Africa

In the West, daily, people are asking themselves, “What will I eat today?” But in my home, Africa, people daily are asking themselves a more challenging question: “Will I eat today?”

In reflecting on the second question, I have concluded that it is time for the public to put their trust in scientists about the role that genetically improved organisms can play in answering it.

Sadly, Africa continues to lag in the adoption of biotech crops 23 years after they were first commercialised, with only two of the continent’s 54 countries now growing them.

The delay is tragic since there is more than enough evidence that biotech crop adoption could address the challenges of hunger and malnutrition globally.

In Africa, it is time we focus on diligent and accelerated regulatory regimes, as well as decisions based on science and the benefits of agricultural biotechnology. It is time we focus on sustainable agricultural productivity. Read more …