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March 25th, 2019 / Daily Monitor, Uganda

B4FA Fellow Michael Ssali writes:

Livestock keeping is an enterprise whose main objective is to get profit at the end of the day. Much as we raise animals for our own benefit, they have rights such as the right to adequate, good, clean food. 
It would be unfair for us to keep them and then deny them one of their basic needs.

The farmer anyway must feed the livestock well enough in order to achieve his or her desired results. It is about ensuring that livestock is food secure and healthy all the time. 

Inputs such as feeds and medicines have to be in place and on time whenever needed. The farmer is, however, challenged with providing the inputs and earning profit. Most commercial farmers working on small plots have to buy feeds, which reduces their chances of making profit. 

Regardless of their cost, inputs must be purchased from registered farm shops and should meet animal health and production purposes. Read more