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October 29th, 2018 / FarmBiz Africa

In dealing with losses caused by leaf curl and other deadly wilts in tomatoes, a seed company has come up with a tomato hybrid that is least affected by the diseases.

TM 20 F1 is hybrid that has been developed to help farmers escape the losses to the above diseases, which are hard to control with chemicals.

The variety from Mahindra Seed, which is being marketed in Kenya by Gromost Seeds, has helped farmers in South Africa, India, among other countries in boosting production even with the threat of the ailments.

TM 20 F1 gives up to 30 tonnes of fruit per acre under god cop husbandry practices such as trimming, staking, weeding, among others.

It is harvested for six months before yields start dwindling.

The oval fruits have a firm coat that makes them have a long shelf life to allow for a lengthy selling period in case the market is poor. A firm coat is also important in transportation. Read more