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April 18th, 2017 / Daily Monitor, Uganda

B4FA Fellow Michael Ssali writes: A poor household is usually malnourished, and vulnerable to disease and other evils. Uganda is known to be well endowed with fertile soil and bi-annual rainfall. Yet we have thousands of households that are too poor to produce enough food for their nutritional requirements or to produce anything to generate income.

Successful agriculture requires money, physical energy, and sufficient arable land for crops and livestock production. A farmer should have access to high yielding and clean seed which often requires money to purchase. He or she should apply fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides, and other inputs which have to be bought; otherwise it will be impossible to produce enough crops for the family’s food and income needs. Poverty leads to food insecurity and malnutrition which invite disease, yet sick people are not helpful in crop fields.

Thousands of our farmers work on small plots of land whose soil is exhausted after decades of cultivation without rest or nourishment. Read more